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Jennifer Eliason
Jennifer joined us in 2008 after working in the non-profit conservation world, most recently at Habitat Acquisition Trust as Executive Director.  Jennifer has over five years' experience promoting private land stewardship through a variety of landowner contact programs, and was also involved with the assessment and restoration of salmon-bearing streams in Nanaimo.  Previously, Jennifer successfully operated her own gardening business and when her two young children allow it, she enjoys working in her ever expanding garden.  Jen brings vision and initiative to her diverse role here at the Islands Trust Fund, managing everything from accounting and staffing to property negotiation and government liaison.


Kate Emmings
Kate Emmings
Ecosystem Protection Specialist
Among the most recognizable faces at the Islands Trust Fund, Kate's often found on the islands, visiting with property owners, giving public talks about land protection or coordinating conservation planning with partner conservancies.  Having lived in the islands since she was 16 years old, Kate's our resident expert on the ecosystems so unique to this region.   Kate joined us in 2007 after working for other local and regional non-profit land trusts in the islands.  Today, she splits her time between our office in Victoria and her home office on Galiano where she can keep a close eye on her young son.


Nuala Murphy
Property Management Specialist
Nuala joined us as an auxiliary secretary in 2008.  Previously working as a project officer at TLC The Land Conservancy of BC, Nuala's experience and expertise in land conservation were a great asset to the Islands Trust Fund, and she was soon promoted as our Property Management Specialist in 2009.  When not out exploring the secrets of our island ecosystems with landowners and conservancy partners, Nuala can be found rediscovering the magic of the ocean and beaches near her home with her three children.


Crystal Oberg
Communications and Fundraising Specialist


 Corlynn Strachan
Corlynn Strachan
Corlynn started with the Islands Trust as an Administrative Assistant in 2011, but was excited to join the Islands Trust Fund team in 2013 when the opportunity arose.  Corlynn adds a wealth of coordinating and organizing skills to our work with previous experience as a Program Assistant for the BC Open University.  A former Tour Consultant, Corlynn loves the outdoors and is often found hiking and exploring the island with her family.  She is a strong advocate of the conservation work of the Islands Trust Fund, believing future generations should have a chance to enjoy the same natural beauty she did as a child growing up on Hornby Island.




The Trust Fund Board consists of three Islands Trust trustees (two elected by the Islands Trust Council, and one appointed as a representative of the Islands Trust's Executive Committee) and up to three members of the public appointed by the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

Tony Law
Tony Law
Tony Law has served as one of two elected local trustees for Hornby Island since 1996.  Tony rejoins the Board in 2012, after serving as a Board member from 1996 to 2005 during a key period of the Islands Trust Fund's growth and development.

Tony's interest in conservation began in his youth when volunteering with the National Trust in England.  He continued on in Nova Scotia where he protected a rare old-growth stand of eastern hemlock on his farm.  On Hornby, Tony served for several years as secretary of Conservancy Hornby Island.  He made a leading contribution to the preservation of 187 hectares, later becoming Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park.  Tony also led a Marine Stewardship Initiative on Hornby.

Tony has worked as a counsellor and mediator, as well as working in publishing and community development.  He's also operated a sheep farm.  Today Tony enjoys partial retirement while helping to look after the Hornby Island provincial parks each summer.  Tony is a strong supporter of the Islands Trust Fund working in partnership with local land trusts to preserve the best of what is left of the unique environment of these special islands.


Dereck Atha
Dereck Atha

Dereck Atha is the owner and managing broker of Gulfport Realty on Mayne Island, managing realtors on several southern Gulf Islands.  With more than 16 years in the real estate industry, Dereck brings extensive experience with land negotiations to the Trust Fund Board.  Dereck is deeply involved in his island community, having served as a volunteer for many island groups, including the parish of St. Mary Magdalene Church.  One of his passions is teaching.

Dereck's interest in nature developed in his early teens working with the Alberta Forest Service and participating in the Canadian Forestry Conservation program.  With the Trust Fund Board, Dereck uses his experience in business and community leadership to help communities protect island landscapes for future generations.


Ron Bertrand
Ron Bertrand

Ronald Bertrand holds a Master of Science in Soil Science and brings to the Trust Fund Board extensive knowledge of soil conservation, agriculture and the natural world.  Ron’s career with the BC Public Service included the positions of Director of the Resource Management Branch and Director of the Soils Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (now Agriculture).

Since 2008 he has been a member and Vice Chair of the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board. He has also worked as a consultant on agricultural programs, including the British Columbia Environmental Farm Planning Program.  For over 20 years Ronald has enjoyed spending time with his family on their property on North Pender Island where he continues to learn about and understand the issues of importance to the residents of the islands of the Salish Sea.




 Susan Morrison
Susan Morrison 
Susan is serving her second term as one of two elected trustees for Lasqueti Island.  Susan joined the Trust Fund Board because of her belief that the work of the Islands Trust Fund is crucial in realizing the basic purpose of the Islands Trust - to preserve and protect.

Susan was the founding chair of the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society in Parksville in 2003.  From that role, she brings public relations and communications expertise to her work with the Islands Trust Fund.  Susan has served on the Islands Trust's Trust Program Committee and Financial Planning Committee.  She and her husband currently preserve forty acres of Coastal Douglas-fir forest and wetlands on their own property.


Kate-Louise Stamford

Kate-Louise Stamford comes to the Trust Fund Board in her second term as a Trustee on the Gambier Island Local Trust Committee.  Kate has been a full-time resident of Gambier Island with her biologist husband and their young daughter for 12 years now.  Gambier is one of the least populated islands within the Islands Trust Area, but one with the largest area of natural and public forest lands.  She has found the growing profile of Howe Sound as an ecological centre-piece for southern BC incredibly exciting but also daunting in the face of competing uses.  Kate brings her experience in non-profit management and community engagement to the Trust Fund Board table.


Past Board Members:

Carol Quin (1990-1991)   Nick Gilbert (1990-1991)   John Dunfield (1990-1993)
Graeme Dinsdale (1990-1996)   Diane Cragg (1990-1991, 1993-1996)    Elizabeth Bosher (1993-1996)
Larry Holbrook (1993-1996)   Melinda Auerbach (1993-1999)   Beryl Young (1994-1995)
Ross Johnson (1994-1997)    Michael Paine (1994-1997)   Ann Hillyer (1995-1999)
Tom Ward (1996-1998)   Kathy Dunster (1997-2003)   Susie Washington-Smyth (1998-2001)
Louise Bell (1998-2005, 2008-2011)   Kim Benson (1999-2005)   Linda Nowlan (2000-2003)
Barrie Morrison (2004)   David Borrowman (2004-2007)    Marie Potvin (2004-2007)
Bruce Whittington (2004-2009)   Peter Lamb (2006-2008)   Sheila Malcolmson (2006-2008)
Gary Steeves (2006-2008)   Christine Torgrimson (2008-2011)   Michael Dunn (2008-2011)
Nerys Poole (2008-2011)   Robert Grant (2009 – 2014)   Peter Luckham (2011-2014)
Julie Glover (2012-2015)        


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