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Conservation Planning - Our Goals

These long-term goals guide the decisions of the Trust Fund Board, and the strategies and work of the Islands Trust Fund.

Core areas

Protecting Core Conservation Areas

Goal 1: Secure core conservation areas that conserve biodiversity priorities within the Islands Trust Area
We are working to establish core conservation areas that will protect our region's biodiversity priorities.  To establish core conservation areas, the Islands Trust Fund will secure land through land donations, bequests, and conservation covenants.  To save areas with high biodiversity, the Islands Trust Fund will also engage in fundraising and outreach to secure the funds and negotiate agreements necessary to acquire property in those areas.
 *The Islands Trust Fund does not acquire land through expropriation

Protecting Biodiversity in Working Landscapes

Goal 2: Research ways biodiversity priorities can be maintained on lands outside of core conservation areas, including working landscapes
Agriculture, forestry and residential development are important parts of island life, and with careful planning these activities need not harm the natural surroundings. Recognizing that not all natural areas in the islands can be preserved in core conservation areas, the Islands Trust Fund will encourage land uses that respect and maintain the health and integrity of island ecosystems.

Conserving Marine Ecosystems

Goal 3: Work with partner organizations to conserve marine ecosystems and habitats
Marine ecosystems make up eighty-six percent of the Islands Trust area.  Often overlooked, these areas influence the health of the plants, animals, and even humans on the islands.  The Islands Trust Fund will support partner organizations working on nearshore mapping and will advise local governments about the important shoreline habitat areas in need of protection.

Encouraging Local Governments to Prioritize Biodiversity

Goal 4: Work with the Islands Trust Council, local trust committees and island municipalities to implement Regional Conservation Plan goals and objectives within official community plans and land use bylaws
Since development is the single largest threat to biodiversity in this region, land use regulations have a direct impact on the health of a region's ecosystems.  The Islands Trust Fund will work to integrate conservation planning into the land use planning processes of the region's local government - the Islands Trust.  Through advocacy and education, the Islands Trust Fund will help the Islands Trust create policy, official community plans and land use bylaws that include protective measures for biodiversity.

Empowering Islanders to Conserve the Islands

Goal 5: Encourage islanders to get involved in conservation and steward private land by supporting conservation education and sharing information on best practices
Island residents and landowners are the single biggest influence on the health of island ecosystems.  The perseverance and generosity of islanders has protected thousands of hectares of land for conservation.  With more than 65% of the Trust area's land base privately owned, fostering awareness of and respect for nature are key to the stewardship of the natural features on those lands. Through education and outreach, the Islands Trust Fund will continue to promote private lands conservation.

Building Strong Conservation Partners

Goal 6: Support and enhance the work of conservation partners working in the Islands Trust Area
The determination of islanders to conserve island ecosystems is reflected in the number of island-based land trusts working in the Islands Trust area.  Conservation partners working in the region are essential to the protection of species and ecosystems.  The Islands Trust Fund has always worked in collaboration with conservation partners, achieving common goals and shared successes.  The Islands Trust Fund will continue to support and enhance the work of conservation partners, providing networking and training opportunities, and funding for land protection projects that will benefit the region as a whole.

Taking Care of What We Have

Goal 7: Monitor and manage existing Islands Trust Fund core conservation areas to maintain and enhance biodiversity features
The Islands Trust Fund will maintain its rigorous monitoring and property management programs, ensuring that the core conservation areas we care for continue to provide habitat for the species living there. In managing our properties, we will continue to work closely with island-based management groups and wardens, utilizing local expertise and supporting community restoration projects.

These broad goals are further refined into thirty objectives that guide Islands Trust Fund and our partners as we stay on course to protect the best of what is left in our region. View the entire 2011-2015 Regional Conservation Plan here. View the 2015 Regional Conservation Plan Update here.

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