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We'd like your feedback to draft the revised Medicine Beach Nature Reserve management plan!

Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary is an 8.4 hectare protected area at the head of Bedwell Harbour. It includes beach front and a two hectare brackish marsh, with the remainder in coastal bluff and forested uplands.

The Islands Trust Fund received the land as a donation in 1995 and the first management plan for the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary was written in 1997 and was revised in 2006. The Islands Trust Fund’s primary goal is to protect and nurture the sensitive ecosystems on this land. To do that, we revise our management plans approximately every 10 years to guide the management of the property. We are asking you to help us develop this plan. Please share your thoughts on the protection and long-term management of the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary. 

Page last updated: 02/01/18